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Best Friends



Daisy is a Shi Tzu who is three years old.  Her breed originated on the Tibetan Plateau.  The name Shi Tzu comes from the Chinese language word for Lion.  Like all Shi Tzus, Daisy is loyal, affectionate, outgoing and alert (which means she is also an excellent watchdog - don't let her little size fool you.)  

Some of Daisy's favorite things:

  • Colorful, Daisy-sized balls
  • Anywhere her leash takes her
  • Peanut butter treats
  • Running through the park with her friends



Maddie is a German Shorthaired Pointer.  She is two years old and always ready to run.  Maddie's breed is trained for hunting but also for spending lots of joyful time with the families they love.  Maddie is intelligent, boisterous and affectionate and happiest when her friends come outside to play.

Some of Maddie's favorite things:

  • Smells to sniff
  • Toys that squeak
  • Treats of all kinds
  • Exploring with her friends



Archie is a Labradoodle - which is a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle.  Archie is almost two years old.  He is super smart like a Poodle and loves his humans like a Labrador.  Archie will fetch a ball on land or water as often as you'll throw one and he's happy doing yoga with his mom.  He is loving and energetic.

Some of Archie's favorite things:

  • Dog Park Visits
  • Bright yellow duck toys
  • Playing with his friends
  • Snuggling in bed

Daisy Finds Her Pack

Daisy Finds Her Pack


Daisy Finds Her Pack is the story of a kind and happy puppy whose challenge is to find friends.  Daisy gets a little nervous around new dogs and sometimes she just wants to take a walk with her people.  But she knows, even then, its important to understand how to make friends. 

Daisy wants to play


Daisy loves to play, just like any dog.  She has favorites, like her toys Lamby and Westie, she likes to run at the park and sometimes she takes a break on a bench along her travels.

Learning to make friends


Sometimes Daisy is happy just doing her own thing.  But playing alone is not always that much fun.  So she needs to learn how to meet friends.

Trying again


Making friends can be hard.  Besides finding others, learning which personalities and what thing others like to do can take practice.  The good news is there's always another time to try again.

Daisy's Story

"It's no use to go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then." - Lewis Carol


About Daisy's Stories


Daisy Finds Her Pack is the first in a series of stories designed to help parents and kids learn the how to's of social skills, making friends, being kind, listening to others and learning to communicate with confidence.  

Order Daisy Finds Her Pack

Daisy Finds Her Pack (the first in this Children's Literature series) is available for advanced purchase and will be mailed to you by July 15.  You can pre-order your copy here!

Book signings and Daisy visits....


Meet Daisy and the author!

  • Saturday, August 3rd:  Barnes & Noble Calhoun Village Shopping Center 

3216 West Lake St Minneapolis, MN 55416 

Watch for more book signings and Daisy Visits here!

Daisy FAQs


  • What is Daisy Finds Her Pack about?  Daisy Finds Her Pack is a story about a Shi Tzu named Daisy who loves to play.  Her job is to learn how to make friends.  This is the story of her adventure!
  • What nonprofit does the purchase of Daisy Finds Her Pack support?  When you purchase a book, a portion of the proceeds goes to support the work that 4 Paws for Ability Autism Assistance Dog Program does to help train and place assistance dogs with families.  You can find more about 4 Paws for Ability online here.
  • When will Daisy Finds Her Pack be available for purchase?  Daisy's first book will be ready Monday, July 15.  
  • Where can I find Daisy Finds Her Pack?  Daisy's book will be available online here.  We will add locations as soon as we get the chance to start meeting bookstore owners who love dogs and children's stories like we do!

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